2-player only, and it's like Pong... or is it?
This is not the Pong you know. It's actually a 2D 1-on-1 shooter.
Fight for score and survival. Once you reach 10, you can fire your laser and destroy your opponent's paddle. Pong + 8-way movement + Lasers


How to win: Knock the ball into your opponent's goal to gain points. Upon reaching 10 points, your paddle charges and is ready to fire the currently activated weapon, using 10 points. The currently activated weapon changes automatically over time. Destroy your opponent's paddle with your weapon to win the game. 

How to not lose: When your opponent is charged (but you're not), don't just run aimlessly. Scoring against your opponent while he/she has at least 10 points will reduce his/her score in addition to giving you the usual points. If you make your opponent drop below 10, he/she will lose the charge. 

Other stuff: You can tell where the ball is going to spawn, and even change it. Use this to your advantage by manipulating the spawnball. The ball also has limited durability, so after enough hits against paddles it will respawn. 

PLAYER 1: move with ARROWS, rotate with F & G, and fire with ENTER (costs 10 points)
PLAYER 2: move with WASD, rotate with PERIOD and COMMA, and fire with SPACE (costs 10 points)
Reset game with R
Deactivate music with M


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