AI and bugfixes

[Sega Genesis arcade multiplayer game update]

Changes to smooth things out and make Cruel (the endless) mode more fun:

- enemy speed scales as you get farther into Cruel mode. Speed limit will cause it to max out after a certain number of rounds, but if speed limit is off, watch out!

- enemy AI pattern changes when the enemy collides with the ball in Cruel mode. There's a glitch in Arcade modes where the first AI pattern gets stuck on the ball and makes an annoying sound. This should be solved in Cruel mode. After further testing and feedback from players, some form of this change will likely be applied to the Arcade modes, as well.

- a glitch in the score display was fixed. the glitch was increasing the number of the kills the enemy scored during Cruel mode by accident. it didn't mean anything, and was wrong. let me know if you EVER see the enemy with more than 1 kill in Cruel mode. the mode is a survival mode, so it should be ending when you get killed.

- cruel mode now records the modifiers that were used when you got your highest score. this will make it easier to compare scores between players, as you can see if they had on side switching, etc.


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May 29, 2022

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