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This is a completely accurate simulator for playing rock paper scissors with your friend. Blow each other to pieces. 

More seriously, it's a 1-on-1 platform fighter with a focus on positioning and split-second planning. It wears its inspirations on its sleeve and there's more depth in the combat then you'll initially believe. Controller support is built in. Online play through Parsec. 



Click items on the main menu to control them.

(keyboard controls can be configured on the main menu)

Use JoyToKey for gamepad controls until I add those back in.

basic techniques: 

move and jump - hold jump to jump super high.

rock - long-range attack that requires energy (regained by shifting gravity). can be reflected by paper, but only once.

paper - reflects rocks.

scissors - short-range attack not blocked by anything.

shift gravity - shifts your gravity and recharges your rock if you do it 3 times.


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RPSD win64.zip 75 MB

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this game is very creative